密西根美中交流中心为来纽约上市的苏轩堂进行了他们在密西根的路演酒会。苏轩堂的邓总等,承销商Boustead Securities, 以及本地的柏隆律所的合伙人Stasevich 先生都做了发言。  非常感谢80来位朋友的参与。特别感谢我们的团队:Allen, Haijia, Ethan, Yifei, Chengzi, Jim Liang, Spencer,以及成行长对密西根的推荐!

密西根美中交流中心为副州长竞选州长举办早餐会!经过交流和阐述,大家对他的教育,经济发展,和汽车工业的发展有了更深的了解,非常不错的人选!特别感谢Amy Foster和Noodle Topia的友情赞助!

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Michigan Us China Exchange Center hosted breakfast event for governor candidate Brian Calley. He has great plan on education, job creation, infrastructure for State of Michigan. Special thanks to Amy Foster and Noodle Topia for sponsoring this event! (

近日,密西根美中交流中心会长徐京先生,与密西根中文广播电视台合作,深度探讨密西根州长大选,以及谈论华人参政等相关信息。他将目前华人政治形势概括为“意识差”、“兴趣低”、“参与率低” 以及“投票率低”。具体内容会长徐京先生在DCRTV录制的节目中有做详细讨论,以下是节目视频以及密西根中文广播电视台官方Channel的YouTube链接。



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The 45th  anniversary of US-China Ping Pong Diplomacy Celebration | 中美乒乓外交45周年庆祝

The 45th anniversary of US-China Ping Pong Diplomacy Celebration in collaboration with Woodcock Seminar and University of Michigan. 

和伍德考克基金会以及密西根大学一起成功举办了中美乒乓外交的45 周年的庆祝。

Oakland County Promotional Trip to Jiangsu, China | 奥克兰郡代表团前往中国江苏交流

Organized an Oakland County Promotional Trip to China with delegates including the Deputy of Oakland County and other well-known entrepreneurs and executives from Michigan, to discuss the future of Connected Vehicles in Michigan with hundreds of executives and business owners in collaboration with the city governments of Taizhou, Nantong with great success. UCX Center and the city Taixing have established a strong strategic partnership. 

The Grand Opening of Sanhua Automotive in North America | 三花汽车的北美庆典活动

The Grand Opening of Sanhua Automotive in North America. More than 150 local well-respected professionals and Politicians from city, county and state levels attended this formal event, China Daily, Wall Street Journal and other media reported on this event with very positive feedback. 

三花汽车的北美庆典活动,有超过150人的社会名流被要求参加, 大量的媒体包括华尔街日报, 中国日报都做了专门的报道

Annual Chinese New Year Gala | 年度中国新年大型庆祝活动

Our annual Chinese New Year Gala is the largest Chinese cultural event in the region. The 2017 Chinese New Year Gala event held at Cobo Center surpassed the previous year’s event. More than 500 guests attended the black-tie event including CEOs of different counties, presidents of international companies, and executive level professionals.