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The Michigan US-China Exchange Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, our mission is to promote Pure Michigan to Chinese investors, to enhance the collaboration between US and Chinese business communities, to increase the level of understanding of American-Chinese economic, social and cultural exchanges between the two nations and to advance economic vitality by providing advocacy, information, and services to our members and communities.

Mr. Jerry Xu, founder and President of the UCX center, is a well-known and respected name in the Michigan China-US business relations field, he has long-standing experience in creating cross-border synergies through many years of engaging himself in community activities in Michigan to promote business, cultural and educational exchanges between the US and China. Mr. Xu enjoys a great reputation as a goal-setting, results-oriented achiever with an undeniable track-record. Jerry also served as president of the Detroit Chinese Business Association from 2012-2017, he is the current president of the Board of the Detroit Chinese School, board member of the Asian Collection Association at the Detroit Institute of Arts, as well as the founder and president of the Detroit Chinese Learning Foundation.

Through his extensive network and connections with Politicians and executives in both countries, Jerry Xu has been promoting business and cultural dialogues between China and Michigan for the better part of a decade. Under his leadership, our team has organized many business discussions and large scale networking events annually, which attracted many top American and Chinese leaders to attend, including the Chinese New Year Black-Tie Gala, the US-China Business Forum, and the Business Executive Golf-Outing. Additionally, we have welcomed and received many Chinese Business delegations to the state of Michigan. 

Members of the UCX Center and people attending our events are mainly those companies and professionals who have been to China, who have been doing business with China and who are interested in doing business with China. The UCX Center provides a perfect platform for those parties to better understand Chinese culture, exchange business ideas with fellow members, and work with each other to create cross-business and cross-border synergies and through collaboration help one another achieve great success.

作为在密西根注册和成立的一家非盈利机构, 我们的专业团队致力于促进美国和中国的贸易文化,教育和科技技术方面交流。

徐京先生是密西根美中交流中心的总裁, 在密西根地区有着多年的从事促进双方交流的经验和成绩。 近10年来从事了大量的商务,文化和教育的交流活动, 并前后担任了密西根美中交流中心总裁; 底特律中华商会会长; 底特律艺术博物馆亚洲收藏品协会董事; 底特律中文学校董事会主席; 和底特律中文学习推广基金创始人和董事会主席。

徐京先生通过政治和商界的广大的人脉关系,积极推广密西根和中国的交流。在徐京先生的带领下, 底特律市每年成功举办许多大型的商务交流活动, 主要的活动包括每年2月份的针对美国主流社会举办的的中国新年大型庆祝活动, 6月份的中国论坛, 9月份的高尔夫商务交流活动。 期间配合国内过来的商务代表团,还同时举办很多小型的商务交流活动。每年的中国新年大型庆祝活动是本地主流社会庆祝中华文化为主题的最高端的活动。 例如2015 年的新春活动在汽车城SOUNDBOARD 举办, 嘉宾包括副州长和夫人, 以及本地500 来名政界商界的名流。 活动包括嘉宾的讲话,精彩的表演,和珍馐美馔。

密西根美中交流中心的团队人员期待您的加盟, 和我们一起为增加中美之间的商业,文化, 教育等各方面的资源整合和链接, 稳固和加强中美两国的友谊和合作做出微薄的一份贡献。